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April 4, 2012

Easter Dinner

This is called Christmas Ham...fortunately, it is a great recipe for either celebrating the birth or resurrection of Jesus Christ, or anytime really.  

(Click on the image to view the recipe.)
Mandarin Orange Bread is one of the most divine bread creations I have ever concocted.  This year I am going to shape them into rolls rather than a loaf.  I think the citrus in them will blend well with the meal.

(Click on the image to view the recipe)

Brussels Sprouts with White Wine Vinegar and Honey is one of my favorite ways to eat these little heads of cabbage.  Bloodhound used to despise brussels sprouts and he adores them roasted.

(Click on the image, to view the recipe.)

If you are looking for a pasta side dish try this Cantaloupe and Cucumber Pasta Salad.  Make it ahead and not only with the flavors blend, you'll have less to cook on Easter day.

(To view the recipe, click on the image)

...and finally the Carrot Cake.  Easter wouldn't be complete without it.

(Click on the image, to view the recipe)


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