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February 20, 2012

Product Review - Tias Kettle Chips

Some are born with a silver spoon in their mouth, but my girl was born with a chip, Cool Ranch Dorito to be exact, in her mouth.  Since she could walk she has been known to pull the entire bag off the kitchen counter and walk through the house stuffing her mouth as quickly as she can.  After all when Mom finds her she will lose the bag, and be reduced to a small bowl of chips.

We don't often purchase this kind of junk food and therefore she only occasionally feels the need to scarf the bag, as her own.  In the store the other day I found a wonderful replacement for this tortilla indulgence.  If I am going to eat a potato chip I am partial to Kettle Chips.  These were thick like a traditional Kettle Chip, full of flavor but not over powering, and very crisp.

I am not a dietician but I like the ingredient list of this new Kettle Zesty Ranch chip a lot more than the Doritos Cool Ranch.  Maybe that is because I recognize most of the components.

Doritos Cool Ranch Ingredients List (Posted here.)

Kettle Chips Tias Ingredients List (Posted here.)

So, what is your favorite chip?
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