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February 16, 2012

Product Review: Biscoff Spread

I am nearly speechless, and Bloodhound will tell you that this is no small feat.

So, what has me excited, you ask?

Biscoff Spread!

The same company which created the delicious Biscoff cookie, have crushed them and added a few oils, sugars and other ingredients to create a spread.  I don't know when I have ever tasted something as smooth, addictive and totally pleasing, as this Biscoff Spread.  

It is advertised as a great replacement for peanut butter in the famous PB&J sandwich or used as a dip for apples.  It is a vegan all natural product that doesn't contain nuts but does include soy and wheat on its label, which I can read an understand.  No crazy preservatives or dyes are included!  Although I purchased the smooth variety, it does come in crunchy.

I have many recipe ideas including icing, blonde brownies, and perhaps breakfast rolls, stirring around in my head.  I will post them as they come together.

How about some feedback?  Anyone ever used the Biscoff Spread in a recipe?  What do you spread it on?
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