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October 3, 2011

Cuban Pork Sandwich

I made this on a whim and my family woofed it down.  This is so easy I don't think you can mess it up.  You'll need to purchase a Boston Butt and I can usually find them on sale for about $1 per pound.  If you've never bought Mojo Sauce look in the international food section of your grocery.  I buy Goya brand because there aren't any preservative or other funky ingredients. 

Cuban Pork Sandwich

1 Boston butt, 5-6 lb
1 bottle Goya Mojo Sauce
Kaiser Rolls

Remove fat from the butt.  This is not an exact art, so just cut off any large thick portions.  Place the trimmed pork in a large bowl and add mojo.  Let sit over night or up to two days in the fridge.  Flip the meat occasionally.  When ready to cook set oven to 350F and bake in a large pan with all of the marinade until an internal temperature of 145-15-F degrees.

Remove roast from oven and allow it to rest on a cutting board for 15 minutes.  While resting heat the marinade in a pan on the stove.  Allow the liquid to simmer and reduce.

Butter Kaiser rolls and brown on hot griddle.  Cut the meat into thin slices and place on browned rolls.  Pour mojo gravy over meat and serve warm.


Kay Heritage said...

Oh, boy! Does this look fabulous!? And I already told you, you have THE coolest name, ever! :)

Krista said...

Yum! Thanks for sharing at Church Supper. Love seeing new foodie friends. Have a great week!

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Lesa @Edesia's Notebook said...

This looks awesome, Savannah. You have won an award; stop by my blog to check it out:

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