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July 14, 2011


The mango is an under eaten food in our home.  Growing up in south Florida I remember kids riding by the house eating mangos like they were peaches.  I am assuming that they were picking them and enjoying the sweet refreshing flavor while riding.

As an adult I have never used them in my cooking, even though I've considered it.  I think this was due to the fact that I didn't know how to cut up a mango, and I made the situation worse by thinking I needed to peel them first.  Who wants to peel produce?  I don't even peel my potatoes before cooking them to eat mashed.  I rationalize that this is perfectly fine, as the vitamins and nutrients are in the skin.

Well it is a new day here...I've learned to get the most out of this tropical fruit and I am passing the "secret" on to you.

In order to get the most out of your mango you will want to turn it from the side it normally rests on... its more pointed side.  If you are in doubt just set the mango on the counter.  It will rest on one of its two flat sides.  Then rotate it to one of the more narrow sides, where it would not be able to rest on its own.

Then slice straight down creating two half moons of meat.

The seed is located in the remaining piece that I am holding in the above picture.  You can carefully run a knife around it to get a bit more meat, if you'd like.

Take the half moon of mango that you have freed from the seed and cup it in your hand.  Then make slashes in one direction without cutting through the skin.

Do the same in the other direction.

Pop the skin upward and turn the mango piece wrong side out.  This is referred to as the mango hedgehog.  Then cut off cubes.

So, now that we know how to cut up this luscious fruit here are a few other important facts:

* Firmer and less ripe mangos are used in chutneys and salsas.
* They offer a tropical flavor and smooth texture when used in smoothies.
* For a healthy snack mash mango and serve it over low fat frozen yogurt.
* One mango provides 4g of fiber.
* If you don't enjoy citrus eat a mango.  They are high in vitamin C - 1 mango = 95% daily allowance.
* Mangos contain enzymes that aid in digestion.
* They are ready to eat when slightly soft to the touch. I like to compare it to a ripe peach.

Mangos are ripe and in the stores now.  I hope you get some and enjoy them during this summer heat.

I've posted a Mango Cream Cheese Bar recipe that is truly delicious if you'd like to bake a few.  

So, how do you eat mangos?


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Anonymous said...

The kids and I LOVE....LOVE mango's. Unfortuately we don't live in area where we can just pick them off the tree...but we can get them at our local grocery store and wait for them to ripen... One of my friends in FL has a tree and she uses her mango's to make mango bread. Similar to banana bread just swap out the banana for the mango! We haven't tried it yet. As soon as I cut up a mango it's gone. TTY - Amy

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